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A few years back, there was no doubt about who the reigning queen of malayalam cinema was, none other than the impeccable and beautiful Kavya madhavan. Kavya has been a part of malayalam cinema right from her childhood. Who can forget the innocent girl from Azhagiya Raavanan! And when Laljose cast her as the lead actress in his movie Chandranudikkunna Dikkil, a new star was born in the malayalam film industry,literally. Since then kavya has impressed us in every role she has done. She has the looks malayalis have been looking forward to for years. And she has the acting talent to match that of any top actress from any other indian language. She is an excellent dancer also. And she has paired with all the top stars from the industry. The Kavya-Dileep pair has given us some wonderful movies, including meeshamadhavan and others and is probably the best pair in decades.

And at the height of her career, she decides to get married. And the fans were upset. They were afraid that kavya would stop acting after the marriage, as is customary in the industry. And she was married off amid much fanfare and media publicity. But soon there were problems and it is rumoured that the relationship has come to an end. Bad luck for kavya.

But good news for the industry. After a short gap of trying to get a grasp of things, she has come back. With a strong character in the movie Pappy Appacha, Kavya proves to us again why malayalam cinema needs her so much. Her willpower and dedication to make a comeback after a disastrous marriage life if really appreciable. And so we will be seeing more of her in coming days. Good luck to you kavya.

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 Last updated on June 19, 2013

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jite profile image

jite 4 years ago from delhi

good photo shoot

chaithanya 4 years ago

You are so cute kavya.Best wishes

lekha 4 years ago

nice photos

jery 4 years ago

looking sooooooo sexy

jhon kurian 4 years ago

too cuteeeeeeeeeeee

skkjijo 4 years ago

i love kavya

binu 4 years ago


nick 4 years ago

verysexy kavya

Wasif 4 years ago

Sexy kavya

AKHIL 4 years ago


ranji 4 years ago

kavya i love you

mumthas&bindhu salim 4 years ago

we are very proud of kavya madhavan is a malayalii girl ,and also a typical mlalayalee women.............

kunju 4 years ago

hi,iii ammm ur great fan,love u kavya chechi

SHYJALRP 4 years ago

nice photos

kallus 4 years ago

i love you kavya .i expect more sexy photos

kiran 4 years ago


panicker 4 years ago

any help

RENJITH P PILLAI 4 years ago


Jithu 4 years ago

Sexy kavya are u alone ?are u feel any other tension? Keep this to u r heart i wants to marrie u dear kavya moluuu.this not only a sex feel dicission!not a sympothi,my full name SREEJITH,u want more details about ME call.9746356194.i don't like to pressure to marrie me..if u like do it fast ok chakkare .

ajitha 4 years ago

very sexxy kavya

faslu 4 years ago

enne ninte friend akamo...please?

shahin soudhi 4 years ago

u r in beautyful lady in kerala.dont worry dear we r with u

nikhil 3 years ago

u always looking sexy

shankar 3 years ago

kittatha munthiri pulickum

vipin kannur mahe  3 years ago


orikalum jeevithathil tholkane padilla

all the best

good bless you

yours 3 years ago

your are so sexy, We need you in Malayalam Film industry.

beu10 3 years ago

nic niber girl

manappally madhavan 3 years ago

sorry kavya your not only comfurtable me your comfurtable only dileep

noushad 3 years ago

i love you da

vvvv 3 years ago

not bad

Anas 3 years ago

Ilove you kavyachechi ninak vendiyanu njan kathirikkunnath

Anu 3 years ago

Ninne kurich chinthikatha oru divasam polum ente jeevithathililla ninne njan vivaham kazhikkatte chechi enne vilikkanam njan kathirikkum 9037113104 I LOVE YOU KAVYA CHECHI

Krishna K 3 years ago

Chi. Kavya Iblessings to you, I Am Krishna Padmashali(weaver community in AP).EX:Member:ALL INDIA HANDLOOM BOARD ,Govt of India. My Mail ID twokay1956@gmail.com . Cell 09392168899.

chacko 3 years ago

H aiiiiiiiiiiiiiii very sexeeeeeeeeeeee

Anu 3 years ago

Kavyamole njan thanne kettum chechi entekoode poru njan gold pole nokkum ith sathyam sathyam SATHYAM ILOVE YOU MY DEAR Ente no 9037113104 marakkaruth.

Manu 3 years ago

U r very beauty and smart. I like u

biju 3 years ago

hai kavya dontworry be happy

Saju 3 years ago

Kavya chechi i love you .

Sabu 3 years ago

you r so beautiful.

goo 3 years ago

luv u

Raghava 3 years ago

HI kavya liove uoy.

Silesh 3 years ago

I love you and i want you

aswathy 3 years ago

you bad

vishal 3 years ago



very nice.


atchu 3 years ago

You are a so Sweet Darling

nowfal 3 years ago


Jame 3 years ago

Hi chechi

kavya fan 3 years ago

hai madam i like you very much and i hope that you are my sister so that i can see you every day

Jith 3 years ago

Hai chechiiiii, you are so swedt. And wonderful body shape what is the problem in your life chechiiiií i love you da muthe. . . .

rajeev 3 years ago

i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

UVAIS 3 years ago


great fan 3 years ago

your pics are wonderful we r expecting lot from u

sweety 3 years ago

i like ur acting in ananthabhadram

adhil 3 years ago

hai,kavya you are sweet.i like u&love u.Good night

vineeth 3 years ago

i love kavya

Vineeth 3 years ago

I LOVE U KAVIYA I WOUID LIKE TO MEET YOU plzzzzzzzzz.contact me

AACHU 3 years ago

Chechi, sugham thanneyalle? I like u& i love u!


Bijoy 3 years ago

u r so cut,so beautifull......undakanniiiiii.i love u so......

I am ur great fan.

Chakkara ummmmmaaaaa

sajith kilimanoor 3 years ago

Haikavya jeevithathil orikkalum pathararuthu Best wishas reyali ILOVE YOU SOMUCH....

fan of kaviyetchi 3 years ago

i am a student 5 .i likeu very much by shifana

fan of kaviyetchi 3 years ago

i am the sister of shifana twin sisters.i am also studing in 5 .pray for our exam we love u very much



sachu 3 years ago

i love you kavya

hari 3 years ago


RAMESH 3 years ago


vishnu 3 years ago

i dont like you

nanu 3 years ago

i love you

RANI 3 years ago


mamtha 3 years ago

hai kavya chechi...enikku orupaad ishtamanu.god bless you..by ur loving sister...

Kavya madavan 3 years ago

thank you mamtha,for ur comment

jack dubai 3 years ago


kavya madavan 3 years ago

heloo mr. jack ,thank u for ur comment but ....if god give u varam dont ask such stupid things bez god is not a fool ok .tk care

shijuuu 3 years ago

i love yo u u kavya

Cherian 3 years ago

Hi Kavya,

Stop answering to the nonsense comments. Instead concentrate more into classical dance. Have you ever thought of obtaining a degree in any Indian dance form. I hope you can even aim for a doctorate in this subject.

This is not a joke.. Am serious about it.. Pls give thought a try.....

With love,

soorya 3 years ago

kavya u are very beautiful

Rajesh 2 years ago

All the Best in life

Sasi 2 years ago

Yethramanoharamanu thante kannukal

Nasir 2 years ago

You have a precious and innocent face value. Do you speak Hindi. Would u like to work in Bollywood. You should try or accept suitable role to work in Bollywood.

I am also one of your likers. I am interested to see. i don't know, life will give me that opportunity or not.

MANJU +2 2 years ago

I always hate u for ever becouse you are a prostitude.

shilpa ,simi,veena 2 years ago

you r so beautifool

Gopika 2 years ago

hai kavya,,,,,, i m very big fan of u. ente roomil full kavyayude photos aanu. athrakum ishtamanu enik. lov u kavya........ ente cousins ene kaanumbol kavya ennanu vilika. i pray for u.... best of luck dear...........

gopi 2 years ago


kavya 2 years ago

hai frndz

Naveen Ajith 2 years ago

i want to marry you.... kavya chechi

Jyothish 2 years ago

I love kavya

prakash. 2 years ago


gopu 2 years ago

i lov u so much

Lilia Trez of http://amazingnews.org/ 2 years ago

I honestly don't like her. But I respect those who do like her.

Jishnu 2 years ago

Hai kavya chechi

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Syam sithara 2 years ago

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remya 2 years ago

estama orupad

Kunnan 2 years ago

Poda poori mole.

guru 2 years ago

I dont have more words to tell you but i am so surprised what happend to your married life. in my dream always if God allow in next birth you to be my wife.

thanks & Pray

prasanth.p 2 years ago

hai kavia my phone number 96976210

nithin 7777 2 years ago

chechy enikku ariyilla enthanu parayandathennu........ Chechy Ude number onnu tharumo.... Plz........

My number is 956 222 111 0

Chechy i expect ur call.....

Nithin 2 years ago

Hi...Kavya... Enik neril kaananamennud...nte jeevithabilashamannu... Ithu verumoru bhamgi vaakayi kaanaruth...pls... Pls call me.9048050826

jinu 2 years ago

u are very sexy look my deare kavya......

firoz 2 years ago

i like you kaviya

Surya Elsy Alex 2 years ago

Chechi, Iam your fan . Ilikeyou

ATJ 2 years ago


sevenes 2 years ago

kavya chechi njan chechiye ishtapedan thudangiyitu 6 yearsayi enne ente veetukar vilikunathu kavya ennanu oru divasam njan chechiyude veetil varum

Suresh 2 years ago

Eniku enthuprayanam enuariyilla enthoeshtmanu.ENIK

Roy 2 years ago

you are so cute

Arun kodungallur 2 years ago

Hi kavya enthado vishamam.dairamayiku njan epolum koodeyunde. Enthenkilum aavasyam undenkil vilicholuto... Buy kavya

kumar 2 years ago

poori kavya nine ante kayiel kittiyal ninte big mula njan njakkum pine ninte romam niranja pooorinuleel ante kunna kayatti erakki kunna paalu vidum pine ninte big kundi nakki njan ante kunna ninte kundi el kayatti erakkum apol nee sugam kondu pulayum kunna paalu pokaan neram ninte vayilakku kunna vakkum... haaaaaaaaaaa ante kunna vellam ninte vayeel lakku poyeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... nee thurubol vali vidarundo? ninte ammayude pooorl romam nee shave chayarundo? ninte achante kunna ninte pooril edarundo? ninte brother ninte ammayudeyum ninteyum poorilum kundielum kunna kayattarundo?....

suhas patankar 2 years ago

I like your traditional wear

Haju. Mavelikara_ 2 years ago

hai.... Orupadu nalla kadhapaathragalku jeevan kodukan kavyaku kazhiyatte...

balachandran 2 years ago

kavye ninne njan ente bharyayayi swikarikka .aaa poorimon nishal ninne kutheettillallo.ennal njan ninte vayarilude pidichi pachiyil kadichi ente andi ninte antiyil kettum.ennitu chokkala ninte vayil ozhikkum.

kavya 2 years ago

Njanumayi sexinnu thalparyamullavar 2 days ithil ente photos kandittu naala hot comments ayyakkanam. haaa.............

achu(bangalore) 2 years ago

hai kavya chechi njan chechi yude valiya aradhigeya njan chechiyea kanditunde njan chechiyudea chithram varchadhu tharan naye vanitunde pakshea patiyelea eni kanumbole tharanam yenu unde:)

rajesh 2 years ago

kavye nineyanu njan etam vitath nee thoorumbol ethra theetam veezhum ethra vali pokum nine kitiyal kundi nakum ninte vayil ente mand vekum pi

rajesh 2 years ago

gopike nine kitiyal nine kitiyal nine closatil eruthi ente kayu ninte kundiyil vechu thoorikum ninte kundiyil ninu varuna vali anubhavikum

rajeesh 2 years ago

gopike ninte kundiyil ninu varuna theetam pamjamrutham poleyanu moothramo panineerupoleyum ajileshumayi jeevikunu eniku kitiyal nine palu thepikum kakoosil eruthi thoorikum kundi kazhukikum pine nighy edikum chapathy kozi thudagiyava vayil vari thetikum pine nokiyirikum

rajeesh 2 years ago

gopike nine eniku kitiyal ninte kundiyile thetam thooriyathinu shesham athu nakum rathri ninte kundiyil mukham vachu uragum athil ninu ravile vali varum pine athu manakum ninte thetam vezhunu athu ngan nakunu pine nee vali vidunu a manam endayirikum

rajesh 2 years ago

gopike ninte kundiyil ninum divasavum varuna thetam athu nakanam ajilesh ninte kundi kazhukikumo nee ajileshine moothrathil kulipikumo ninte mukhamanu manasil athile vali manakanam

anamous 2 years ago

gopika chechi njan chechiyude fan anu .kavyaye orthu vitirikukayayirunu enal ente manasile bharya akan thalparyamilayirinu.angane 3 varshathinu shesham gopikachechiye kandu anu muthal njan vitu. Karthika meera lakshmi sharma bhavana angane palareyum noki vitu . Kavyayeyum jyothikayum simranum karthikayum kalyanam kazhinju eniku vishamam thoniyila 2008 gopikaye ajilesh kalyanam cheythapole valatha sangadamayirunu. Gopika chechiku valia santhoshamanu enu eniku manasilayi ajilesh valare snehikunu sukham tharunu . Enal gopika chechiye kanumbol eniku manasilavum kavyum karthikayum meerayeyum poleyala valare pavamanu eniku oru apekshayundu a kundi (ponkotham ene parayan kazhiyukayulu) pradarshipikanam.

anamous 2 years ago

gopika chechi eniku gopika chechiyeyanu kooduthal ishtam bharyayi manasil kandu .njan nerathe parajathanu .ajilesh snehikunund ningal thamil vidunund .mold undayi sheriyanu enal njan chechiye snehikunath athilum valare yereyanu. Karanam chechiye ajilesh kulipichu kanum airlandil kondu poyi adichu polichu nadanu kanum.snehichu kazhiyunudakum enal gopika chechiyude photo kandal palapozhum chechi ente koode undenanu . Namal kalyanam kazhichal chechiye ravile ezhunelpikum pine mukham kazhukikum breshil paste vechu pallu thepikum naku vadichu tharum pine velakari chaya undaki vechathu kudipikum pine kakkoosil ketum samathamanekilum alenkilum ente kay ninte kundiyil veykum nee thoorum vali varum velam therikum pine njan flesh cheyum pine nine eruthum kundiyil patiya theetam njan nakum pine njan ninte kundi kazhukikum pine soap thechu nine kulipikum dres edikum pine bhakshana kazhipikum nee chavacha chapathi ente vayil thupanam nee oru glas kudichu pine chaya vayil eduthitu athu ente vayil edanam .pine namal samsarichirikum .moothram njan ozhipikum . Pine rathri ninte thuthil njan mandu ketunu velam cheetunu pine njan ninte kalinte vidavil mukham vechurangum enthinaneno ravile athil ninu valiyum poriyum kushiyum varunu athu manathu ezhunelkunu .eni vali vanilenkil nine chaya kudipikum apol vali varum athu manakam ajilesh nine ethrayum snehichu kanan vazhiyila ninte poriyude manamo soundo ninte theetam onum anubhavikan sadhyathayila . Undekil athu parayanam etavum bhagyam closetinanu ninte theetam athil vizhunu . Nine eniku orupad ishtamanuuuuu.gopika i love you . Ente muthe mole nine neril kandal ente mandile palu cheeti mandu muzhuthu pokum.

rajeesh 2 years ago

gopika chechi chechiyude oru fan anu roja asin thudagiyavar avarude kundi mula thudagiya pradarshipichu. Chechi kakoosil erunu thurunath kanan thalpayamundu patumenkil athinu samathikanam . Udan comentinu marupadi parayanam

rajesh 2 years ago

lakshmi sharma ninte thetam moothram vali eva kanan thalparyamundu .kundiyil ninu varuna theetam kutikalku kodukanam stage showyil nee dancersinte purath keri .avar bhagyam cheythavaranu

rajesh 2 years ago

lakshmi sharma ninte lahai navel stage dance show kanan thalparyamundu

manu 2 years ago

kavya nee thurobol kundiel ninum thittam varubol nee valli vidarundo? ninte amma thurubol kundi njan ninte ammayude kundi el kunna kayatti erakkum. ninte amma thuriya thittam njan ante kunnayil thachu ninte ammayude poooril kayattum. ninte achante kunna ninte pooril kayattumo? neee dileep inte kunna paalu kudikkum alla? ninteyum pine ninte ammayudeyum poooril mulakku podi ettu doginte kunna kayattanam anala nigalude poorila kadi thiru... kavya ninte poorum kundiyum ninte ammayude poorum kundiyum anikku venam jivithakalam muyuvanum kunna kayatti erakki kunna paalu kalayuvaan... i love your pooorum kundium... haaaaaa vanam poyeeeeeeeeeeeee....... kavya ninte big mula paalu anikku kudikkanam... ninte ammayude mula paal kudichu kunna ninte ammayude kundi el kayatti uraganam.... ninte ammayude big kundel ninum thittam viralittu manakkanam....

rajesh 2 years ago

gopika onam bharya kavya randam bharya rambha moonam bharya

smithesh 2 years ago

kavyauday undda kannanu antey swapnnum keduthunnath

rajesh 2 years ago

lakshmi sharmd ente bharya gopika ente randam bharya

harita 2 years ago

very nice

rahul 2 years ago

3 masangalk mumb njan oru divya pravarthi cheythu.

enthananno..ente grandmaye njan fuck cheythu....

ente grandma smartannu..valiya molayum...super poor...

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susil 2 years ago

chathavanthe ompn pokoodeda kunne ninakokke

arunkrishnan 2 years ago


anamous 2 years ago

kavya cinemayil vannapol enthu sundariyayirunu .achadakam ella . Nanayi dres cheyanam .

Shanu 2 years ago

Mole,nee kurachu koodi dress ozhivakkannam like your real life that i know.i hope i really like you act the vidhya balan role in dirty picture.because your outstanding sex bomb.athinulla mulayum kundiyum poorum ellam ninakkundu.

anamous 2 years ago

ambika chechiye kurichanu .ambikayude theetam husbund manath kanum ambika divasavum ethra vali vidum valiyude sound bhayankaramayirikum.

MFFKhan 2 years ago



anamous 2 years ago

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anamous 2 years ago

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anamous 2 years ago

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anamous 2 years ago

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anamous 2 years ago

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anamous 2 years ago

gayathri priya real sundari

BABU 2 years ago


Ammu 2 years ago

Ede ninte mulla enth valutha ninte Kuttukar ethara pereninte sadanam nakithanattund school padekumbo ne 3 Thavana garbini aye alle

anamous 2 years ago

rekha nine kanumbole njan kambiyakum .eniku penkutikale kandal palu pokum .ninte vali ethu sayikumarinulathano.rekha ninte theetam natile kutikalku thinan kodukuka.nee divasam ethra vali vidum.

shimmi 2 years ago

i like hot chatting

Anil 2 years ago

Dear Shimi ninte mobile no post chayumo.... Please...

arun 2 years ago

kaya i want to marry u . this is not only for sex i want sex with u and i will do it but i am really be attracted by u kavya moluu

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SUJITH 13 months ago

Sona i love

SUJITH 13 months ago

Sona i love

mohammedyasin 13 months ago

hai kavya i like you i kiss you i love you i miss you i have a kavya facebook i like you

BEENA 13 months ago

ayyo! ningalkonnum oru naanomille?

BEENA 13 months ago

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raju 12 months ago

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Anjali R S 12 months ago

@sajan sudheesh

Anjali R S 12 months ago

@sajan sudheesh THank you so much for your compliments and I LOVE YOU so MUCH. ummmmmmmma...

arjun 12 months ago

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kavya 3 varsham kondu 273 comment kiti.1 masam 7 or 8 comment kitum nalla rating undu.Ente manasil kavya illa lakshmi sharma shafna rambha simran sonia agarwal ameesha sonali kulkarni sushmitha sen director blesi wife mini

rajeev 11 months ago

Ente prathana sundharimar 1.Manju bhargavi-soundharyathinte madakathidambu.2.Remya krishnan-valare sexy.3.Lissi priyadarshan-shaleenathayude paryayapadam.4.Amala nagarjuna -grameena soundharyam 5.Mini-shaleenatha soundharyam akarsham ente swapnasundhari ningal kanditile kandu noku ente muthine namude director blessiyude wife.6.Ilavarasi-nalla miduki sundhari hitler filmile seetha.7.Maya teacher-sundhariyil sundhari nalla pavathil pavam.8.Roja-tamil janagalude bharya sankalpam.9.Akhila anand-singer anu nadan sundhari bharya akan kollam.10.Rambha -sundhari kusuruthi nalla bharya.11.sonia agarwal-powerful soundharyam pine nalla bharya.12.Grazy singh-nalla bharya ente manasil bharya pine lagan filmiloode namudeyellam muthayi mari.13.simran-miduki kuti south indian janangal bahumanikuna penkuty.14.Lakshmi sharma-nalla bharya allenkil nalla sthree sundharikuty.15.Lena dunham-Soundharyavathi madamayanu nanamila holywood nadi and director.song penninte chenchundil punchiri poothu athile penu enthu sundhariya nalla nadan penkuty.Ente aduth oru chechi undu serial actres Saranya sasiye pole pine nalla vannam undu miduki athum ente sundhariyanu.Ente sundharimar enganeyundu ithil Mini details undo Ilavarasi details undo songile peninte details undo.Maya teacherine ningal kanditila ente adutha chechiyum ningal kanditila enganeyundu ente sundharimar.

gopi 11 months ago

love u kavya

gopi 11 months ago

kavyayude kundiyum mulayum nokki ethra pravashyam vaanamadichittundu ennu enikku thanney ormayilla

Rajeev 11 months ago

Ente prathana sundhari Sivaranjini.Ente muth thaneyanu.

rajan 10 months ago

ante kavya mole ninte kundi el njan ante kunna kayattadi poori mole pine ninte amma shamalaude kundi el anikku nakki kondu avalude thittam thinanm...

sajan 10 months ago

anikku kavya ude kundi nakki nakki thittam viralettu eduthu thinanm //

pine avalude ammayude pooril nakki ante kunna kavyaude mother inte poorilum kundilum kayatti erakki kunna paalu kalayanam... kavyaude ammayude pooru best pooranu....

suresh 10 months ago

ninte purakilkoodi adikette kavya kamathittu

dileep 10 months ago

Dee manju ippo ente kunna moonjaarilla...

Nee vaayo namukku onnu kalikkaam...ninte poorinte manam ente kunna kambiyaakki...ninte mula njan nakki nakki ninte kundi chappi....kalikkkaaam

kavya madhavan 10 months ago


Ente pooru vhettante kunnakku vendi daahikunnu...vaayo

Kavya Fucker 10 months ago

Kavyayude shaddi manath adikkaan varunno...avalude chundile thenu eduth pooril puratti chappi chappi...sugam kodukkanam...avalude kundiyude holil kunna vechu urathanam.....

Avalude mulayude adiyile chali nakki thinnanam..pinne avalude vadayile kiss chaythu...chundile kadich kadich...kunna oombikkanam

kavyayude bra oori manathu shaddi kondu vaandichu...poorile kanthu kadichu parichu.....sugam koduthu swanthmaakkanam...

Kavyayude shareeram kandaal thanne knna paalu pokum.....haaao paalu poyii

athu kavyayude pooril ozhichu koduthu pooru nakkanam

Vivek 10 months ago

Hai chakkare........

Rajesh 9 months ago

Enum swapnam kanarundu ninne. Njanaagrahikkunna, swapnam kaanuna roopamanu ninteth

Alok 9 months ago

I'm Alok,working as a customer relation staff in a famous hotel which is situated in the heart of bangalore city.and i'm not a malayali.But,I know this girl(kavya) very well.believe me guys...this girl is not a good one.she has frequent visit to our hotel.I've seen this girl so many times with multiple men.I thought that she is a prostitute,like,some of the other girls in bangalore.but,then I came to know that this girl is a well

established actress and celebrity in kerala.one day I visit her room,as part of my duty.she was alone in her room.i asked her whether everything is o.k.she replied no.then,i enquired wt's the issue.she said that she didn't have sex,and she forced me to have sex with her.i denied her req.then,she said that if i'm not willing,she'll complaint to hotel mgmt and police that i attempted to rape her.I was frightened and I obeyed her.we got naked and enjoyed each other.she kissed me,sucked

my thing.In return i've enjoyed her breasts,lips,navel,vagina,thighs everything.she was incredible during sex.we mated for almost two hrs.

it was a great experience.but,believe me she's not a girl as you would imagine.like MJ sung,"SHE'S DANGEROUS".....

rajeev 9 months ago

kavya thank you enale ente vanam kavyakayirunu.Moothu nalla sukham kiti karanam kavya chikan thinanunath orthanu poyath.kavya chikan kothiyathiyanenu kavya interview yil paranjitundu.mookhu valanja ella penkutikalum chikan kothiyathiyanenu ariyam.sheelamma roja manju bhama rambha rohini mini angane palarum.Adutha cinemayil kavya chikan thinuna ranjam undavanam enu njan agrahikunu.Old tamil malayalam actres rekha chandranileku oru vazhi ena cinemayil kozhiye kolluna seen undu.rekhayodu oru padu bahumanam undu a dharyam kavyakila karanam kavya chikan thinumenu paranjath chamalodeyanu.kavya chikan thayarakuna seen enkilum cinemayil undavanam .kavya bhakshnam kazhikuna seen kananam enum undu.

rajeev 9 months ago

kavya adutha cinemayil chicken kari veykuna rangam undavanam.kavyude kozhi kothi bhayankaramanu athu janagal kanate enu vicharichanu.best vishes

rajeev 9 months ago

malayalikalde sundhari rani rajakumari muth amma ellam sheelayanu a sheelammayude yedartha pingami namude kusuruthi kavya madhavan .sheelamma deshyakariyanu kavya konjikutiyanu .randuperilum oru swabhavagunam undu chikan theeta mathram.randu perum kozhi kothiyathimaranu.

Amt 8 months ago

Njan ninte jetty oori ente kunna ninte kundiyil kayattum charakke

gkd 8 months ago

Kozhutha kundiyum mulayum ninte manapikkum njan ninne njan kayatum

nalla 8 months ago

ente maathram

njaan 8 months ago

kavya madhavan and rimi tomy..kavya in blue saree nd rimi in red saree..imagine ivarude mulagal thamil cherunnu..!!!

ravan 8 months ago

enna molayaadi kavye ninte.nee valla marunnum kazhikkunnundo itu

veertu varaan.ato,ninne pannunnavanmaaru ninte mola njekkunatu

kondo,allenkil avanmaarude kunna ninte molakalkidayil kayati

kalikkunatukondaano?ninte BRA-yude size etraya?atoru onnonnara

BRA aayirikkm.enthaayalum ninne pannunnavanu orikkalum

madukkilla.uzhutu marikkn nilam orupaadundallo.keralatile aanungal

ninne orthaayirikkum etavum koodutal vaanam vidunnatu.entinu,ipol

ee comment ezhutumbol njan polum ninne kalikkunnatayi sankalpichu

vaanam vidaanulla shramathilaanu.njn azchayil kuranjatu moonnu

tavanayenkilum ninneyortu vaanam vidaarundu.appol varunna cum

njan sookshichu vachitundu.etenkilum oru divasam njn atu ninte

sareerathil abhishekam cheyyum.nee etra nalla pilla chamanjalum njngl naatukaarkkariyam neeyoru vediyaanennu.orupaaduper ninne kuthiyit-undennu njnglkariyam.pinneyum neeyenthina deham mushuvan cover cheyyunnatu.ninte molakuzhiyum vayarum thudayum kundiyumellam njangalum kaanate.atho,angane cheythal ninne kuthan aarum varillenna pediyaano.pedikkanda,ninnepoloru charakkine kalikkan epozhum aalundavum.ini aarum vannillenkil njan varaam.ente ponnumolde koodhiyil ee paavam chettante andi kayatti kalikkam.molde pootilnakkaam.ninte molakkidayil ente kunna kayattaam.ninne kidathiyum iruthiyum muttil nirthiyumokke kuthaam .ninte molakal chappi chappivadikkam.avasaanam cum ninte vaayil ozhichu taraam.

Renji 8 months ago

Nee kure kunaikkum

prasad.9747816898 8 months ago

malayale kalu da ABEMANAM ne yane pagala.

googal. 7 months ago


KARRPU 7 months ago


arun 7 months ago

ninte poorinte idayil enthorum thean ayirikum. kothiyavunu.

rajeev 7 months ago

aranu sundhari vote cheyam evide coment ezhuthunavarku. 1.kavya vs gopika 2. Manju vs samyuktha 3.aiswarya rai vs remya krishnan 4.ameesha vs kajol 5.meena vs simran .ningalku pankedukam ningalde abhiprayam parayam.

somu 7 months ago

kavyaude poottil 10 kunnayudepal ozhichalum nirayilla

jai 7 months ago

Shyamala madhavan oru kidilan vediyanu avlude thalli nilkkunna mulayum chadhiyum kandal thanne ariyam oru vediyanennu .Kavyekkal charakkanu avalude amma shyamala.I LOVE YOU SHYAMALA MADHAVAN

nnn 6 months ago

kavya,i wanna see u in BIKINI.....be more glamorous,act in vulgar roles.

driver 6 months ago

Kavyayude veluthu virinja kundiyil adikkan nalla sukamanu.athu kavyakkum ishtamanu

saraniya 5 months ago

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neighbour 5 months ago

kavya,njn ninte neighboursil oraalaanu.ninne kandukondaanu oro divsvmnjn aarambikkunnathu.raavile thnne njn ente binoculrmayi ninte veetilku nokkiyirikkum.ennittu ninte

kannukalumchemchundukalum thuduthamulakalum

aaswadikkum....masturbate cheyyum.ninte vivaha bandham

thakaraan njn praarthichirnnu.nee entethaanu....entethu maatram.oru divasam nammal manassukondum sarreramkondum onnavum.nee sexinu vendi kothikkunnavalanennu enikkariym.nee masturbate chynntm aanungale attract chyyan shramkkunnatum njn kandittundu.

so,ee comment ishtapettal nee ardharathriyil ninte veedinte balconyil

thuniyazhichu nilkanam.ente sneham nee aacpt chytu ennu njn athilude

manasilakkum....njn ninte munpil prathyakshapedum

njamma 4 months ago

yesterday night kavya madhavan bhamaye kalichu..innu uchayku manorama new reader ann thankathineyum

njamma 4 months ago

eniku pennungal kalikunathu kanannam.....beena antony and suvarna mathew......sona nair and geetha vijayan.....shobhana and tabu....seenath and bindu panikar...archana suseelan and reshmi soman...pinne final...kavya madhavan & rimi tomy......

ravi 3 months ago

un molaiya sappikitte unna okkanum pola irukku

subbu 3 months ago

un kuthiya nakkikitte un molaiya kasakkanum di

kunnan 3 months ago

i want to see kavya madhavan and rimi tomy rolling naked in bed with thier mullas loving each other..

ann 3 months ago

Eniku kavyayum rimi tomiyum umma vekumathu kaananam..kavya in red blouse and petticoat rimi in blue blouse and peticoat.. Imagine tey cumin mukhathodu mukham with their kattas touching each other and vayaru rubbing each other..pinne avar avarude penshakthi parilshikunnu with mullas pushing each other and exchanging thuppals..

kavya madhavan 3 months ago

Eniku rimitomine pannanam...

hj 3 months ago


hot girl 2 months ago

Hai boys..r u intrstd in ph sex.den cmon 9860309185.Always available

Sunish 2 months ago

ഗ്രീഷ്മയും ഞാനും നല്ല സുഹ്യത്തുകൾ ആയിരുന്നു .ഞങൾ ഒന്നിച്ചായിരുന്നു സ്ക്കുളിൽ പോയിരുന്നത്. ......അന്ന് നല്ല മഴയുളള ദിവസ്സമായിരുന്നു....അതുകെണ്ട് തന്നെ സ്ക്കൂൾ നേരത്തെ വിട്ടു.....പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കാതെ വന്ന മഴയത്ത് ശരിക്കും പെട്ടു ...സമയം 2 മണി ..വഴിയിൽ ഒരു ഈച്ച പോലും ഇല്ല...അതാ കുറച്ചുളളിലായി ഒരു പണി തീരാത്ത വീട് .....അവൾ ഒടി ആവീട്ടിൽ കയറി ..ഞാനും ....ആദ്യം എനിക്കൊന്നും തോന്നിയില്ല..അപ്പോഴാണ് അവൾ ഷാൾ ഉണക്കാൻ വേണ്ടി കയ് ഉയർത്തി ..അവളുടെ കക്ഷതിലെ മണം ഓഓഓഓഓഓഹഹഹഹഹഹ് ....എൻറെ സാധനം ഉയർന്ന് തുടങി......

Sunish 2 months ago

Part 2

പക്ഷേ എനിക്ക് നോക്കി വെളളം ഇറക്കാനെ സാധിച്ചൊളളു.....അന്ന് രാത്രി ഞാൻ അവളെയോർത്ത് കുറെ സ്വയംഭോഗം ചെയ്ത് ആശ്വസിച്ചു......

8 വർഷങൾ കടന്നുപോയി

അത്ഭുതമെന്ന് പറയട്ടെ...

ഇന്നവൾ എൻറെ ഭാര്യയാണ്......

ഞങൾ സ്വതന്ത്യരാണ്ഇന്ന് ....ഒരു കാര്യം ഉറപ്പാണ് ഇന്ന് ഈ ലോകത്ത് ഏറ്റവും നന്നായി സെക്സ് ആസ്വദിക്കുന്നത് ഞങളാണ്.........

soumya 2 months ago

valya kunna kettanundo ennte pooril....kurachu kalicha pooranu....kunna nakki tharam

ajay 2 months ago


ajay 2 months ago


unni 8 weeks ago

kavya i love you

raju 7 weeks ago

kavya molay molday adimayayi jeevikan endu cheyanam. molday theatam muthravum kazhich aa thrupadangalil namikanam, enday daivam anu kavyamadhavan.

kasim 7 weeks ago

kavye,ninneyorthu vaanamadikkan enthu rasamaanenno ... vaanamaikkumbol epozhum enikku ninte presence feel chyrundu.nee ente munpil paripoorna nagnayaayi nilkunnatyi thonnarundu.vaaanam adikkumbol enikku ninte pootil kuthunnatayaanu thonnaru.

Jijo 6 weeks ago

എെൻറ വീടിനടുത്താണ് അനൂജ ചേച്ചിയുടെ വീട് ചേച്ചിെട ഭർത്താവ് ചെന്നൈലാണ് ഭർത്താവിൻെ അച്ചൻ മാത്രമേ വീട്ടിലുളളു പ്രായം ചെന്ന മനുഷ്യനാണ് കണ്ണും കാണില്ല ഇനി ചേച്ചിയെ കുറിച്ച് പറയാം നിറം അത്ര അതികമൊന്നുമില്ല സ്ലിം ആണ് കക്ക്ഷി കാണാൻ ആടിപെളിയാണ് നല്ല ഭംഗിയുണ്ട് പരസ്പരം സീരിയലിലെ ദീപ്തിയെ പോലെയാണ് അത്ര വണ്ണം ഇല്ല ഒരു 25 വയസ്സ് പ്രായംകാണും ചുരിതാറാണ് വേഷം എന്നോടെക്കെ നല്ല കംമ്പനിയാണ് ഭർത്താവ് ഷിനോജ് എന്െറ ബെസ്റ്റ് ഫ്രണ്ടാണ്........അങ്ങനെ ഒരു ദിവസ്സംഞങ്ങൾക്ക് ഒരു കല്ല്യാണം ഉണ്ടായി വീട്ടുകാരെല്ലാം പോയി എനിക്കെന്തൊ പോകാൻ തോന്നിയില്ല .....ഞാൻ ഒറ്റക്കായി എന്റെ മനസ്സിൽ പല ചിന്തകളും വന്നു tv വെച്ച പ്പോൾ അതാ ഭാമയുടെ ഇൻറർ വ്യൂ അത് കണ്ടപ്പോൾ എനിക്ക് വാണം വിടാൻ തോന്നി ഞാൻ ഷർട്ടും പാൻസും ഷടിയുമൊക്കെ ഊരി നഗ്നനായി അടുക്കളയിൽ പോയി എണ്ണയെടുത്തു കുണ്ണയിൽ പുരട്ടി അടിതുടങ്ങി .പിന്നെ ഞാൻ ബാത്ത്റൂമിൽ കയറി ...window yiloode purathek nokki കുടുംബസ്രി പെണ്ണുങൾ പണിയെടുക്കുന്നുണ്ടായിരുന്നു അപ്പുറത്തെ പറമ്പിൽ പിന്നനെ അവരെ നോക്കി അടിച്ചു ....അപ്പോഴാണ് ഞാൻ അത് കേട്ടത്.....

Jijo 6 weeks ago

Part 2

അതെ ...ഈ കഥയിലെ twist ......

മോളെ വാതിൽ അടച്ചിട്ടോ അച്ചൻ പുറത്ത് പേകാണ് അൽപ്പം വയ്കും

ശരിയച്ചാ എന്നപറഞ്ഞ് അനൂജ ചേച്ചി വന്നിട്ട വാതിലടച്ചിട്ട് അകത്തേക് പോയി എന്റെ മസ്സിൽ ലട്ു പൊട്ടി ................ഞാൻ വേഗം ട്രസ് ദരിച്ച് അവിടെക്ക് പോയി ....ച്ചേചിയപ്പോൾ അകം തുടക്കുകയായിരുന്നു ചേച്ചിയെന്നെ കണ്ടില്ല ....ഈസമയം ഞാൻ ചേച്ചിയെ നോക്കി ഇമാജിൻ ചെയ്യുകയായിരുന്നു ohhhhhhh enna aaa arakkettinte vadivu ഒാഹ്‌്‌്‌്‌് ഒതുങിയ മുലകളും ......പെട്ടന്ന് ചേച്ചിയെന്നെ കണ്ടു .......ആ ജിജേ എന്താ അവിടെ തന്നെ നിന്നുകളഞ്ഞത് വാ കയറി ഇരിക്കു .....ഞാൻ അപ്പോ ഒരു നമ്പറിട്ടു ....ചേച്ചി ഇവിടെ വല്ല CD കാസറ്റുമുണ്ടോ വെറുതെ ഇരന്ന ബോറടിക്കുന്നു ...ചേച്ചി : ഉണ്ടല്ലോ ദേ ആ ഷെൽഫിൽ നോക്കു njan kure thiranju oru casat eduthu paranju ithu mathi chechi ..njan potte naale raavile tharam .....appol chechi etha padam

Njan thattathin marayathu .....mmmmmmm nalla cenimayanu njan kanditilla .....veendum ente manassil ladu potti ...

Njan paranju ennal namukk onnichirunnu kaanam .chechi ok jijo

Chechi vathilokke adachu

ennod paranju nee thanne on cheytho njan cD eduth ittu .....

Another twist

Tv on aayathum atha saayippum mathamayum koodi nalla adi ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm ennokke ochayum ......thattathin marayathinte ura mathrame undayirunnollu sadhanam mattethayirunnu

Enikkenthu cheyyanamennoru piduthavumilla remotum kaanunnilla

Ee samayam chechiye onnu kaananamayirunnu

Enganeyo njan tv of cheythu

Chechi ente mugathu nokkunnilla

Ennittu parayuva shinoj chettan konduvannathavum ...njanippozhanu ithu kaanunnathu

Chechi aaake pedich kondanu ithu parayunathu mugamokke chumannu thuduthu

Ennit ......daaaa pathariya sabdhathode daaaa neee ithu aaarodum parayaruth

Njan manassilurappichu ithanu thakka samayam

Njan chechide aduthekk chennu

Ennnitu najan paranju ithu njan ente kootukaarodokke parayum ..daaaaaaa chechi karachil thudangi ......cheguthanum kadalinum naduvilennapole ......ennitu njan paranju okkkkk njan parayilla pakshe njan parayunnathu anusarikkanam


...chechi ..aaaaaaa neee para njan anusarikkam ennu karanju paranju

njan paranju chechiye enikk venam

Aval paranju illa nadakkilla .......enkil njan ippo thanne ellavarodum parayum

Pinne chechiyonnum mindunnilla

Njan pathukke avre ketti pidichu .....ചുംമ്പിച്ചു അവർകത് തീരെ ഇഷ്ട്ടപ്പെട്ടില്ല അവൾ കുതറിമാറി അപ്പോൾ ഞാൻ അവളെ പൊക്കിയെടുത്തു റൂമിലേക് കൊണ്ട്പോയി മുലയും കൂത്തി യും ചപ്പുകയും നക്കുകും ചെയ്തു ...കൂത്തിയിൽ വിരലിട്ടു സുഖിപ്പിച്ചു വിരൽ മണത്ത് നോക്കിയപ്പോൾ ഒഹഹഹഹഹഹഹ് നല്ല വികാരമണം ഞാൻ അനുച്ചേച്ചി എന്നുംപറഞ്ഞ് അവളെ കെട്ടി പിടിച്ചു അപ്പോഴും അവ ൾ ഒഴിഞ്ഞുമാറാൻ ശ്രമിക്കുകയായിരുന്നൂ

ഒരു തരത്തിൽ പറഞ്ഞാൽ ബലാൽസംഘം എന്നു തന്നെ പറയാം

പിന്നെ താമസിച്ചില്ല ഞാൻ അവളുടെ പൂർ നക്കാൻ തുടങ്ങി ഹഹഹഹഹഹ മദജലം ഒഴുകുകയാണ് അവളുടേ ശരിരം മുഴുവൻ ഞാ

ഞാൻ നക്കി ചപ്പി കെണ്ടിരുന്നു പിന്നെ എൻറെ നാക്ക് അവളുടെ പിൻഭാഗത്തേക് പോയി കൂത്തിയൊക്കെ മണപ്പിച്ചു അആആആആആആആആആആ ഹഹഹഹഹഹഹഹഹഹഹമമമമമമമമമമമമമ എന്താ മണം ഗുഹയിൽ നാവിട്ട് ചുഴറ്റി ഈസമയത്ത് എന്റെ വിരൽ അവളുടെ പൂറ്റിൽ റൂട്ട് അടികുകയായിരുന്നുന

പിന്നെ എഎന്റെ കുണ്ണ അവളുടെ വായിൽ വെക്കാൻ നോക്കി സമ്മദിക്കുന്നില്ല അവൾ പിന്നെ ഒന്നും നോക്കിയില്ല ബലമായി വായി വച്ച് അണ്ണാക്ക വരെ തളളി ഹഹഹഹഹഹഹഹഹഹഹഹഹ സുഖം സുഖം സുഖം മമമമമമമമമമമമമമമമമമ അവൾ അത് കക്കി

പിന്നെയാ പണിതുടങിയത്

Jijo 6 weeks ago

എന്റെ സാദനം അവളുടെ പൂറ്റിലേക്ക് കയറ്റി അവളുടെ സമ്മദമില്ലാതെ

മേശപ്പുറത്തേക് മുടിയിൽ കുത്തിപിടിച്ച് കുനിച്ച് നിർത്തി അടിച്ച് െകാണ്ടിരുന്നു

ആഹഹഹഹഹഹഹഹ് സുഖത്തിറെ കൊടുമുടിയിൽ എ്ത്ി

ഇടക്ക് ഷിനോജ് ചേട്ടൻറെ മുഖമൊക്ക മനസ്സിൽ വന്നെകിലൂം അതൊന്നും enne vishamippichilla

Adiyude speedum koodi

Entmmmo enthu sugggggggam

Avasanam chechiyude mullaperiyar potti thoooti oppam ente chudupaal avalude pootilek thoooooti aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


juju 6 weeks ago

kavye ninte enthoru kundiyum mulayumaaaa...onnu pannaattedeee...ninte valiya mula yum kantum..haaaa.sshhhssshaaaaa

വെടിവീരൻ 5 weeks ago

ഞാൻ വാണമടിക്കുന്ന നടിമാർ






വെളളി_____സംസക്രിതി ഷേണായ്____5


ഞായർ______സാമന്ത___unstopable :p

mookla 5 weeks ago

Enikku ninte mookkinakathu naakittu mookla kudikkanam naakkittu karakki athile azhukku mothom nakki edukkanam cheetithaa kavyaaa aaaaa mooklathaaa

chinna 2 weeks ago

nee lips naaku kavali

RK 8 days ago


jith 33 hours ago


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