Hot Saree Pics - South Indian Actresses in Beautiful Saree Photos

In every part of the world, men most like to see their women in their traditional dress. In the whole of india, saree is the most popular attire for women. Indian men prefer to see the women in sarees and other traditional dresses compared to modern wear. So ,when it comes to seeing their favourite actresses, most indian men consider the saree as the sexiest dress.

Especially in south india, where life is still more connected to customs and traditions, this trend is very obvious. In almost all celebrity forums, one among the most popular threads will surely be dedicated to south indian actresses in sarees.

So we are giving you a gallery dedicated entirely to your favourite actresses in saree. For this hub, we have chosen ten beautiful heroines from the south indian film industry. They are Namitha, Lakshmi roy, Trisha, Nayantara, Bhavana, Navneet Kaur, Monalisa, Vimala raman, Asin and Udhayabhanu. You get to see all these hot women don sarees of various designs and styles, all looking hot and sexy. We wish to bring you more of celebs in saree in the coming days. Meanwhile enjoy the gallery.

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See all 10 photos
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See all 10 photos
See all 10 photos
See all 10 photos
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See all 10 photos

 Last updated on February 2, 2011

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SUNNY 5 years ago


saju 5 years ago

oh...beuty girls

fucker 5 years ago


santhosh 5 years ago

oh love u all..........

deepak 5 years ago

tisha you are sexy in saree i would kiss you

jagu 5 years ago

Bhavana... u have sexy navel.... would like to kiss it 1000000000000000000000000000000000 times

minmim 5 years ago

bhavana love min in

Vineeth rax 9746227589 9947693743 5 years ago

Yo! Girls whats up the moment

all my sweet babies your lucky

i will give a kiss 10000000000000000000000000000000000000#0

surajsunsuraj 5 years ago

women look divine and beautiful in sarees.

nafees 5 years ago

Bhavana... u have sexy navel.... would like to kiss it

arun 5 years ago

what a sexy

perv 4 years ago

damn!.. who is this sexy chick in the first picture.. man .. i just wanna EAT HER UP!!..

SHEFIK 4 years ago


UNNI 4 years ago


ass 4 years ago

r u madddddddddddddddd

hotmalebobby 4 years ago

My girl friend tell me that saree is difficult to wear. i tell them that women look sexy and beautiful in saree. There is no other dress which brings as much grace as a saree. A man will be immidiately aroused at the sight of navel and bbobs in asaree

s.kuru 4 years ago

asin,trisha is my sunnyya nallaumpuvanka

sekar 4 years ago

bavana look is very sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

venki 4 years ago

bavana look is very beautyful

jawad afghan  4 years ago

that is too sexy i love indian women saree and i ll buy a saree to my girlfrand so i love the sexy novel saree

and i ll go to india special for saree to buy and see from near but wearing is little deficult for us afghan people any way we ll learn in indian then we ll wear in afghanistan .thanks love india

nay 4 years ago

i like it nayans

billa 4 years ago

These girls look sexy in saree coz they can expose navels in saree

aarti 4 years ago

have you ever seen a men in saree. type in internet explorer

Sachin 4 years ago

In ke sath kahbi chans aaye ga yar..............

G.ANANDARAJ 4 years ago

nayanthara is very worst girl

yogesh 4 years ago

vimala is the superb, the best

indian 4 years ago

pls stop exposing body pls cover ur body

vinod 4 years ago

breaking the heart

annubela profile image

annubela 3 years ago

you are looking good in saree.

sexy man 3 years ago

I wanna spend one night with you.

ABCDEF 3 years ago


Vimala 3 years ago

U guys so stupid.......... They just a actress lah............... The boys all are GS.............. OMG

Abhishek 3 years ago

beautiful women

Rahul 3 years ago

navneet luks xtra-ordinary in saree I wanna kiss her..............

boyprem 3 years ago

I want marit south indian girl

vijay 2 years ago


Abhijith 2 years ago

Nayanthara you are very beautifull

nina 2 years ago

stop it stupid womens bevacuf

ramo 2 years ago

madharchod kaisi majbut gaand hai sabki sabko chodunga

gdk vivek 2 years ago

i like nithya menon.she is very beautiful..

gdk vivek 2 years ago

i like nithya menon.she is very beautiful..

Andi pooran 2 years ago

Ninteyokke achante andi myre....

lucky urf babbu 2 years ago

sare woman very hot and prity

aryan 2 years ago

the 4th girl is so sexy............i want her on my ..... i want her 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000days

Vidos 2 years ago


lucky 2 years ago

I wanna grab u bab.ies

pooja 2 years ago

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Aabhi jeet 2 years ago

Hi Puja.this is Aabhi Jeet.And I want to be ur friend.U can also call me on-9734288317!

manu 2 years ago


senthilkumar 23 months ago

Hi Puja.this is senthil And I want to be ur friend.U can also send me sms on-8148602116

Ganesh 23 months ago

Hiiii pooja its me u can call me on



sonu 23 months ago


krish 22 months ago

I wann a lick anushka back

majeed 21 months ago

nice navel

xyz 18 months ago

i'd like to grab navneet navel.

Imran 17 months ago

I like Indian women specially in dares me Imran frm Pak +923339319812

punjabi boy 14 months ago

i want to kiss all girls

syed agha 9 months ago

saree is the only dress where women hips, navel which is the most attractive part can be seen

ANNA 7 months ago


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